We offer Residential and Commercial Recycling Services.

Help make the Earth a better place by recycling. It save you money as well since you don't have to throw out as much trash.

Recycling Bin


Recycle it at your curb

Newspapers, magazines,
catalogs and softcover books
Keep loose. Don't tie.

Cardboard, pizza,
pasta, cereal boxes, etc.

Papers, mail,

Milk and juice cartons
Empty and rinse.

Plastic bottles and jugs
Empty and replace cap

Cans and jars
Empty and rinse. Labels are ok.


Recycle it, but NOT at your curb

(computers, TVs, etc.)

•Fluorescent light bulbs
(household only)

•Old clothes, shoes and textiles
Worn/torn ok; bring cleaned and dry items to Salvation Army or Rescue Mission

Garbage Bags

•Plastic bags
Return clean, dry bags to your local grocery or retail store; do NOT bag your recyclables or put loose bags in the blue bin.

•Household batteries
Drop off at any Onondaga County Wegmans or Green Hills Market.

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